The Perfect www Address? A Guide to Choosing Your Domain Name

Choosing Your Domain Name

Which one? Which one? You're in a quandary. So many possible domain names to choose from, but which one is the perfect fit for your business? It may not be the one you're currently toying with. To find out, check out the tips below.

Short and Sweet

Keep the domain as short as possible. Longer domains are more likely to be misspelt.

For example, if your business is called Sarah’s Handmade Gifts for all Occasions, it may be tempting to go for www. but, you must admit, it’s a bit unwieldy.

Better to go for the snappier It contains the two most important words that describe what you do, it looks tidier and more professional (think letterheads/paper advertising etc.) and can be easily remembered.

U what?

Avoid SMS language or textese in your domain name. If your business is called Roses Express to You, it might seem a great idea to register But would it really? It may make it harder for people to find you.

Getting all keyed up

Use key words that describe your business. Why? Because Google likes the blinkin’ obvious. If your domain matches your website’s content, it may just improve your ranking in the search engines. Plus, a domain that says what it does, keeps things simple for your customers.

For example, if you are a panel beater just go with the obvious or the plural www.

Keep in Local

If you have a local business primarily serving the local area, try and include your region in the domain.

Example time again. If you are a baker in Suffolk, go for the screamingly obvious After all, if you were looking for somewhere to buy bread in Suffolk, what would you type into Google?

Don’t Dash Off

Avoid using hyphens as people simply won’t remember them. A business called Happy Builders would be much better off buying the domain rather than

All’s Well that Ends Well

Choose the best ending for your domain.

As a general guide:

  • If you are a UK business mainly selling to the UK - choose
  • If you are an international company – choose .com
  • If you are a charity choose - .org (or if you are in the UK).

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