SSL - Secure Google’s love with an ‘s’

SSL - Secure Google’s love with an ‘s’
Give me an S. Give me another S. Give me an L. Put them together and what have you got…… a secure site that’s what! Okay, not the most exciting thing in the world, but getting a SSL certificate is a good move and Google will love you for it.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a little data file that digitally creates a secure link between a visitor's browser (e.g. Chrome) and a website.

But wait..there’s more.

It activates the little padlock icon you see in the address bar and changes the http:// protocol to https://.

Spot the difference. That new little ‘s’ on the end of https stand for secure.

Ta-da! You now have a website that Google really rather likes. Don’t spare the party poppers.

Why does Google prefer sites with SSL Certificates?

Google likes to make its feelings clear. If you don’t have the small data file to wave in its face it will shame you. Instead of a cute padlock radiating trust and all things safe, Google displays just two damning words “Not secure”. Ouch. That’s like saying “Don’t trust this website. It looks really dodgy.”

Just what you need when you have a lovely website that’s just going about its legitimate business. Of course, Google is doing this for our own good. It wants users to feel happy and secure when browsing the internet.

Google will hit you in the SEO

As if shaming wasn’t enough, Google now includes SSL as part of its search ranking algorithm. Have you noticed that on most page one search results, the majority of the top ranking websites have https addresses? Coincidence? Nope. Google is favouring those sites with SSL certificates over those that don’t.

Obvious conclusion coming up

Question: I have a website, should I get an SSL certificate?
Answer: Yes.

It's likely most websites will comply sooner or later so why put off the enevitable.

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