CMS. What is it & Do I need it?

What is a CMS?

Updating a Website. Then and Now

Let’s go back to 2004.

Being the cutting-edge company that you are, you’re ahead of the curve and already have a lovely business website. And what with superfast AOL dial-up, it only takes half an hour to get online.

It’s Monday morning and you’ve just received an amazing testimonial from a celebrity customer. Fantastic! Naturally, you want to put this glowing endorsement on your website’s home page straight away.

This is just what you need, it'll get your business noticed. You need to get hold of your webmaster asap. You give him/her a call.

“Sure.” she says, “Just email over the text and I’ll schedule the update for later this week”. But you want the website updated today!! Grrrrr. If only there was a small, digital icon you could use to convey your frustration...

Fast forward to 2019. Here’s the new and improved sequence of events:

  • Receive rave review from super celebrity client

  • Login to your website’s content management system

  • Add text to home page

  • Publish home page

  • The testimonial is live on your website

You miss your webmaster, you really do, but you don’t miss the wait or the invoices.

So What is this Content Management System?

Content Management System or CMS is an app that lets you access and change all your web pages. You can upload content such as text, photos, documents and videos using a simple WYSIWYG editor. Zero tech knowledge needed (if you’ve ever typed a letter using Word, you’re halfway there).

Most web designers will provide one-to-one support/video tutorials/ PDF user guides to help you get started.

Do I really need a CMS?

Most website owners benefit from having access to their websites but don't feel pressurised into having one. Some people are too busy or just don't want to take on the task. No problem! Ask your web designer to update the website for you.

In Summary

The Benefits of a CMS:
  • No ongoing web development fees
  • No long waiting times for changes to be implemented
  • No HTML/CSS knowledge needed

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